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Our name, Dallas-Morris Drilling reflects where we are from, who we are and what we do.  Located in Dallas township, McKean County Pennsylvania, the Morris family has provided a wide spectrum of services to the oil and gas industry for almost one-hundred years.  In this industry of highs and lows many companies come and go.  However, Dallas Morris’ long lasting presence in the industry and the inclusion of the fourth generation family members into the company proves that the Morris’ companies are here to stay. 


The Morris family operations date back to the early 1920’s when C.J. Morris Contracting was established to move local drilling rigs around the Bradford, Pennsylvania oil fields.  In 1957, C.J. Morris Contracting became C.J. Morris and Sons.  Morris and Son’s continued mobilizing and de-mobilizing rigs around the Pennsylvania and New York oil fields in addition to drilling wells for others and themselves with cable tool rigs.


In 1979 Charles J. Morris formed Dallas-Morris Drilling, Inc.  The Company growth has paralleled the trends in the oil and gas industry.  DMD grows to match client needs, for example recently fielding 11 drilling rigs.  However, when the industry slows we divest and wait for the next rise in oil prices or market opportunity. 


From a single rotary rig operation in the 1970’s to its current operating status of four drilling rigs, three service rigs, a frac truck/ pump / blender spread, shallow and deep well cementing rigs and all necessary support equipment, the Company has added and sold equipment as market changed.  The Company continues to operate a transportation fleet for rig mobs- demobs, pipe/ casing moving and water hauling supporting Dallas-Morris Drilling’s drilling, fracing, cement and service operations. 


The Morris family prides itself on providing our customers with the very best service in the industry.  Our services exceed the industry standard in almost all measured metrics including safety, efficiency and accountability, while continuously improving on our commitment to be leaders in environmental conservation issues.  The management philosophy that has been instilled in the company owners for nearly one-hundred years is apparent in every facet of Company operations. 


Whatever your particular requirements Dallas Morris Drilling is prepared to exceed your expectations for price, service and safety.

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